Albiez-Montrond Ideal Ski area for beginners und families Albiez-Montrond (1500-2200 m)


Albiez-Montrond, a small Ski area in the French Alps is made up of 3 sectors (Montrond, Chef lieu, Mollard) to which the neighboring village Albiez le Jeune is added. The Plateau of Montrond enjoys low rainfall and an extraordinary brightness. Regular snowfalls over up to 6 months a year ensure the snow conditions. If necessary, 50 snow-making systems help. The ski area offers 22 sunny and well-groomed pistes that are ideal for learning to ski. The pistes are served by 13 lifts (8 drag lifts and 5 chairlifts). In addition, there is a freely accessible, large area for Nordic skiing in the ski resort. The panorama of the surroundings is at the same time lofty and wild: a soft valley surrounded by majestic peaks with steep pistes, surmounted by the 3 peaks of Les Aiguilles d'Arves.The ski area flanking has Albiez-Montrond and Albiez Le jeune; each retains its charms as authentic mountain villages. The environment is characterized by quiet, safe and sound nature and very little traffic.

Ski area Albiez-Montrond Detailed information:

Length of ski slopes 35 km
easy 20 km
medium 11 km
difficult 4 km
Number of ski slopes 27
Green 6
Blue 10
Red 7
Black 4
Ski lifts 11
Ski tows 7
Chairlifts 3
Cable cars
Snow cannons 51
Snowparks 1
Floodlight slopes 2
Cross-country skiing 30 km
Toboggan runs 2

Further information

Authentic village life on the threshold of a huge ski area

Albiez-Montrond belongs to the large ski area Les Sybelles, although the pistes of the two ski areas are not directly connected. To get to the 6 ski places of Les Sybelles, one needs about 20 minutes. The use of both ski areas is possible thanks to a special ski pass for a day of skiing. The so-called "Ici et ailleurs" (here and there) enables skiers to access the 310 km of slopes of Les Sybelles. This ski pass also allows the use of the 600 km of slopes of the neighboring 3 Vallées ski area, which can be reached in 45 minutes by car. The ski area Albiez-Montrond opens up a total of 950 kilometers of pistes for winter sports enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the pistes of Albiez-Montrond are completely sufficient if you just want to ski comfortably and want to spend relaxing holidays in a quiet, family-friendly and affordable ski area. In addition to the well-prepared and marked Alpine ski pistes, the ski area also has a large rolled but not marked area for ski run and other winter activities such as ski hikes.

Family atmosphere in the village-friendly ski area

Designed to meet the needs of beginners and intermediate skiers, Albiez-Montrond is an ideal family ski area. The easy and intermediate pistes are just a few steps away from the chalets and accommodation. They are also reachable thanks to free shuttle buses (pre-order!). The ski area offers various facilities and activities for children: child care, snow groves, leisure center, practice grounds, tobogganing areas and special walks for children. 30 experienced ski instructors at different ski schools offer beginner courses for children from 4 years years old. Trial courses are even available for the youngest ones (from 2 or 2.5 years). For the skine-skiers, there are three green pistes with a conveyor to practice and improve. In addition, children's skijoring is offered on sledges pulled by donkeys. A quick and amusing slide fun for the whole family is provided by the Yooner, a sled with only one runner and a seat fastened above it. Access to the ski area is either via the street A 43 or by train. The nearest train station for Albiez-Montrond is located 16 km away from Saint-Jean de Maurienne.

Ski resorts Albiez-Montrond