Superbagnères - The Balcony of the Pyrenees Superbagnères (1440-2260 m)


The ski resort Superbagnères owes its nickname as the balcony of the Pyrenees to its spectacular location. The small mountain-top resort situated on a plateau at a height of 1800 meters offers a breathtaking 360 degree view of the Luchon Valley and the summits of the Pyrenees, including the Picole Aneto glacier (3404m) as well.

The first building in the mountain-top resort – the Grand Hôtel von Superbagnères – which was opened in 1922, is just as impressive today. The stately structure with its Belle Epoque style laid the foundation back then for winter tourism in the area and since then houses both luxury and middle class accommodations. In the 80s the hotel gained company with several modern apartment houses.

The development of the Superbagnères’ Plateau was only made possible, however, with the construction of a rack railway, which connected the famous thermal spa Lucon as a valley station with the snow-covered slopes at an altitude of 1800 meters. After the mountain railway was taken out of service in 1966, ski tourists could by this time clearly get up the slopes more comfortably and above all more quickly. The gondola lift from Luchon to Superbagneres requires just 8 minutes and brings winter sportsmen and women right into the centre of the ski-region with the same name.

Ski area Superbagnères Detailed information:

Length of ski slopes 32 km
easy 16 km
medium 10 km
difficult 6 km
Number of ski slopes 30
Green 4
Blue 12
Red 8
Black 6
Ski lifts 15
Ski tows 9
Chairlifts 5
Cable cars 1
Snow cannons 180
Snowparks 1
Floodlight slopes
Cross-country skiing 3 km
Toboggan runs 1

Further information

A Ski-region with an Optimal Mix of Activities

In the Superbagnères’ slope area between 1440 and 2260 meters there is literally something for everyone. Divided into 3 areas; beginners, families, pros and freestylers can equally get their money’s worth. In addition to this every ski tourist can benefit from the mild climate and the ski region’s special geographical location, which ensures plenty of snow as well as a lot of sun.

The southernmost zone Téchous is the meeting place for both families and beginners and for snowboarders and freestylers at the same time. Soft, sunny slopes, a private practice area, the Kidpark and a sledging slope are the ideal places to make your first experiences on the pistes. Snowboarders and slopestyle fans on the other hand can live it up in the snowpark and on the boardecross track.

The rest of the skiing region’s 28 pistes are scattered across the areas Lac and Céciré. The choice of slopes ranges in both zones from the blue right up to the black slopes. The Céciré area is most notably popular for its unusually long pistes. In Lac, however, there are many exciting black pistes that are recommendable and which go right through the woods in Superbagnères. A 3 Kilometer long cross country skiing track at an altitude of 1855 meters is also located in this middle area, plus a central meeting point for the entire skiing region with a gondola station, skiing nursery (4 years plus), skiing school and mountain-top restaurant.

In addition to the classical winter sports disciplines, Superbagnères offers the possibility of trying out further exciting leisure activities, such as snowshoe hiking, driving snowmobiles, going on dog-sled tours or paragliding.

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